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Info-graphic explains what steps you should follow before starting practicing Invest Easy Licensed Business Activities

What are the Invest Easy Licensed Business Activities?

Invest Easy Licensed Business Activities are those activities which can be licensed from submitting an e-application through Invest Easy system. They can be submitted "ONLINE" through Invest Easy Portal or through the service providers offices. So you can start your business and practice your activity after getting the license through Invest Easy:


How can you apply for the license through Invest Easy?

  1. Apply for license (using My CR Licenses services, Online!). Or you can go to a service provider office.
  2. In the application you have to​​:

a. Specify the Place of Activity you want to practice the activity in.

b. Read the License options carefully as for one activity there may be more that a "License Definition".

c. Chose the correct license definition which you need and press Apply for License.

d. Follow the instructions, submit and pay for the application.


What is the number of Invest Easy Licensed Business Activities that can be licensed through Invest Easy system?

They are (814) Activities.


How can you see the list of those activities?

The attached PDF file contains list of Invest Easy Licensed Business Activities. They can be seen from here.